Using wood fuels to produce heat in steam boilers to run a turbine that generates electricity to run your equipment is common for many businesses. That is the idea behind biomass fueling - releasing the stored energy in sawdust, bark, wood chips and scrap wood and using it for heat and electricity. We can save you money on your power bill and help the environment at the same time. Using up waste wood offsets the pollution created by burning it. Wood is a concentrated form of stored sunlight (solar energy). This energy can be released and used as a fuel. Wood has always been an important source of energy for people. Today, wood is the most important source of renewable energy in the United States.
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    When raw biomass is already in a suitable form (such as firewood), it can burn directly in a stove or furnace to provide heat or raise steam. When raw biomass is in an inconvenient form (such as sawdust, wood chips, grass, and urban waste wood), it has to be processed. PGC grinds the raw material to an appropriate particulate size to be used as a fuel product. PGC can size the raw material specific for your needs in your thermal generation systems, such as boilers.
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    Several industries have used bark and chips for fuel for decades, including the pulp and paper industry, bakeries and many others that use boilers to power their machines. One of the advantages of biomass fuel is that it is often a byproduct, residue or waste-product of other processes, such as farming, animal husbandry and forestry. Numerous studies have shown biomass fuels have significantly less impact on the environment than fossil based fuels. Let PGC Mulch be your reliable biomass supplier. No more seaching for a local supplier. PGC is in the tri-state area and can deliver all your biomass needs.

  • PGC Mulch has your biomass fuel supply. We can size our wood chips to meet your business renewable engery source needs. We have competitive pricing to help you power your boilers and your business. Call for a quote on bulk pricing.