Lawn Services

We offer a professional, knowledgable and uniformed staff to handle your commercial, business or residential lawn service needs. We have the right equipment to maintain your turf. Starting in late March and ending in late November (depending on weather conditions) we perform this service on a weekly basis as needed. Using our state-of-the-art commercial mowers, trimmers and blowers we take whatever time it requires to make every lawn look good and healthy. If we have to cut lawns twice in one week, then we do so at no extra charge. If your lawn does not need mowing due to drought conditions, we forgo mowing until needed.

We never leave clumps of grass behind. Clumps of grass reduce the eye-pleasing quality of freshly cut turf, and suffocate the grass underneath. We sharpen our blades at least once a week. Sharp mower blades help the lawn grow healthier, and provide a crisp and tidy look. We continuously alter the cutting pattern. Over time, if the cutting pattern remains the same or is varied infrequently, unsightly grooves will develop in the lawn. We take great care to put a precise edge on all that gets trimmed. We are the only tri-state company with a 12-ft wide area mower. Contact us to get a free quote for your commercial, business or residential service needs.
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    Core Aeration

    Core Aeration is the most recommended horticultural practice used to enhance the health and appearance of your lawn. It is the best way to improve air/gas exchange and water/nutrient intake deeper into the root zone. Core aeration will remove cores of soil from the ground and deposit them on the surface of the soil to decompose. The core holes will elevate compaction which will increase oxygen, water and nutrients (fertilizer) into the root zone. The decomposing cores will bring microbes to the surface and help in the breakdown of thatch. Soil compaction occurs naturally in all lawns and can have a negative impact. Compaction greatly reduces the pore space within the soil that would normally hold air. Roots require oxygen to grow and absorb nutrients and water.

    We use a professional Power Core Aerator machine, which pulls plugs out of the turf area with every pass. The plugs dissolve back into the soil as organic fertilizer. Unlike typical drum-style machines, which are heavy and further compact soil, our state-of the art machines are lightweight and pull out more cores per thousand square feet.

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    Lawn Fertilization

    Aside from the basics of mowing and watering, the single most important thing you can do for your lawn is to provide proper nutrition by fertilizing. That's because no soil, even the richest top soil, contains sufficient nutrients to produce an attractive lawn. Most businesses and homeowners nowadays realize that fertilizing is important. So they feed their lawn occasionally, maybe once or twice a year.

    One or two feedings make a marked improvement in the grass, but no lawn fed once or twice a year can ever look its best. That's because grass can't thrive on a feast-or-famine diet and one or two feedings a year means that the lawn is going hungry much of the time. To develop fully, grass must have a continuous supply of nutrients throughout the growing season...from spring through fall. We include extras like our double overlap application technique to ensure even growth and thickening without unsightly streaking or spotting off your lawn.

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    Commercial Lawn Service

    Commercial lawn maintenance is a necessity, but did you know that your landscape can dramatically influence sales and your profitability? First impressions are important. Your landscape is often the first impression a potential client gets when coming to your place of business. Keeping your lawn properly maintained can make a huge difference in your business. The emphasis on curb appeal cannot be understated. PGC understands the difference lawn maintenance can make. We also know you would rather have your lawn service be done quickly and efficiently so your business has no interruptions. PGC is the only commercial lawn care service with the John Deere 1600 batwing mower in the area. With sweeping deck coverage (128 in.), an innovative baffling system that virtually eliminates clumping and wings that follow ground contour, this machine manages to deliver a quality cut acre after acre. We always leave you with a well groomed lawn.