Premium colored mulch is a great way to give your commercial, business or residential property that special look it deserves.

We stock six premium colored mulches ready to be installed by our professional crew or we are glad to deliver for those DIY customers. We can even deliver large bulk loads with our 100 cubic yard semi-tractor trailer. PGC is one of the only companies in the region that has a Finn mulch blower to install your mulch for even coverage. PGC Mulch is ready to handle all of your commercial, business, and residential mulching needs!

We are a family-owned and operated business focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction and personalized service. We make our mulch from shredded hardwood. Then we color enhance it with a non toxic biodegradable colorant. If you want a special color, we can make it. Our mulch is safe to use around children, pets & plants. It conserves moisture in the soil and minimizes soil erosion & compaction. If you are seeking to improve the look of your business or home’s landscaping, your search is over!
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    This is our best selling mulch. Not only is this a great looking mulch, but you can cheat the cold temperatures by using a black mulch on your yard and garden. Even if daytime temperatures are nice, plants like warm soil. Black mulch does the trick. Giving your plants, trees, and shrubs the best soil conditions to start in predicts their outcome more than getting them in too early and watch them struggle to thrive.

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    This mulch looks great on commerical and residential properties. Color-enhanced mulch is an ideal way to add vibrant color to your landscape project. This red mulch has a rich, warm color that will enhance your lawn or garden.

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    Chocolate Brown

    Compliment nature's beauty with our rich chocolate brown mulch. Brown dye is added to this mulch to give it its beautiful color. This mulch will give you the contrast that will make your flowers standout against the competition. This long lasting mulch breaks down slowly. Apply around trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds to make your yard really shine.

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    Dark Brown

    Our dark brown mulch is the perfect compliment to any landscape design. This mulch will give you the deep contrast that will make your yard or office the envy of the neighborhood. This rich color is also perfect to blend in with nature.

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    Cherry Brown

    This is becoming one of our most popular colors! Cherry Brown brings that unique color to your landscape that compliments that floral reds and pinks that dominate many spring landscapes. If you want a mulch that fits right in with those blooming azaleas, cherry brown mulch is your best bet.

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    Natural Mulch is uncolored and not treated chemically. Natural mulch’s color varies by the age of material, type of wood, and moisture content. Natural mulch can last up to three years before becoming mostly decomposed. The color of natural mulch usually lasts 1-3 months after being applied. After natural mulch loses its fresh look, it will be dull-gray in color. It does an excellent job of retaining soil moisture and prohibiting weed growth during one landscaping season.
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    Retail Prices

    - Call for discount pricing on large quanity installs or deliveries

    Black, Red, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown and Cherry Brown
      $69 - per cubic yard installed by our professional crew
      $45 - per cubic yard delivered to you
      $40 - per cubic yard picked up by you
      $60 - per cubic yard installed by our professional crew
      $40 - per cubic yard delivered to you
      $35 - per cubic yard picked up by you

    Wholesale Prices

    - Call for bulk pricing